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Bliss Yoga Classes

Bliss Yoga and Wellness is a combination Yoga Studio and Wellness Center. We offer 53 unique yoga classes weekly, including two styles of Vinyasa Flow, Hot Yoga, Core Centered Empowerment Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and Kid’s Yoga. We also offer yoga teacher trainings and exciting yoga retreats for our community to take advantage of.

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Foundations introduces students to the fundamental concepts of Yoga. Ideal for beginners or more advanced students who want slow down their breath and focus on alignment. Foundations familiarizes students with the foundational yoga postures, correct alignment, and breathing techniques while providing a space for students to build strength and flexibility at their own pace.

Foundational Empowerment

Find empowerment through engaging the core and connecting movement with the breath. In this beginner/intermediate class students spend the first half of class moving off their mats, increasing strength and balance. Second half of class teaches foundational alignment in traditional yoga postures.


Is a beginner/intermediate vinyasa flow series, where students move in a heated and humidified room.  Students will enjoy a strong, energetic flow while learning the basics of alignment based flow yoga.  


This is an intermediate/advanced vinyasa flow series.  Students practice at a more vigorous pace, in heat and humidity, with a continuous flow, improving balance, inversions and physical strength and fitness.  Relieve your stress and embrace personal strength in this dynamic, energetic class.


Radiance is a set series of postures that is accessible to all skill levels and gives students a physical challenge, detoxification and knowledge of hot yoga postures.  Although at our highest heat, it is the perfect place for a beginner to start, as the postures are highly cued and held.  Come ready to sweat and relieve stress for a balanced, revitalized you.


This is a core strengthening class that is practiced off of your yoga mat.  Enjoy the meditative qualities about empowerment while getting the physical workout that is a perfect compliment to increasing your ability in all other yoga classes.  This class is sure to increase your strength and your balance, as well as providing stress relief and relaxation.  


This candlelit, nurturing space is dedicated to deep, integrative healing.  Enjoy the peaceful and meditative quality of Restorative class, while stretching and opening muscles deeply and in a gentle way – using props, pillows and blankets.


Specifically designed for the changing needs of a pregnant body, this class will flow through postures that are safe during all stages of pregnancy, with modifications as needed, to promote the wellbeing of mom and baby.  Class focuses on decreasing stiffness, increasing energy, strength and stamina, as well as nurturing the important mind/body connection that is so apparent during pregnancy.  

15 days written notice is required to stop a yoga monthly “membersh

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